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The UK Crop Plant Bioinformatics Network
Welcome to the website of the UK Crop Plant Bioinformatics Network (UK CropNet). Established in 1996 as part of the BBSRC's Plant and Animal Genome Analysis special initiative, our focus is the development, management, and distribution of information relating to comparative mapping and genome research in crop plants. Find out more about our background or read our UK CropNet paper published in Nucleic Acids Research (pdf reader required).

This site hosts a wide range of databases and software developed by UK CropNet, as well as hosting many other plant databases developed in the USA. You can perform a keyword text search across all of these databases or use our UK CropNet BLAST server to search against all of the sequences in these databases.

~ Latest news ~
BrassicaDB rebuilt! - July 2004

BrassicaDB has just been rebuilt from EMBL release 79.

BrassicaDB rebuilt! - 4th August 2003

BrassicaDB hits 3 GB! BrassicaDB rebuilt from EMBL release 75.

BrassicaDB rebuilt! - 4th April 2003

BrassicaDB has been rebuilt from EMBL release 74. Nearly 600,000 B. oleracea GSS sequences have been mapped in silico against the Arabidopsis genome. Absolute chromosome coordinates of homologues, together with names and descriptions of corresponding gene models are now stored in BrassicaDB and are fully searchable.

AGR rebuilt! - 20th March 2003

AGR has been rebuilt with 57,725 new Insert_salk.

BrassicaDB hits 2 GB! - 13th November 2002

BrassicaDB has been rebuilt from EMBL release 72 and now contains more than 420,000 DNA sequences, most of which are from the TIGR/CSHL B. oleracea shotgun sequencing initiative.

FoggDB new map data - 26th September 2002

A single chromosome of the grass Festuca pratensis has been introgressed into Lolium perenne to produce a diploid monosomic substitution line. The substituted F. pratensis chromosome has been mapped with 104 EcoRI/Tru91 and HindIII/Tru91 AFLP markers, generating a map of 81cM which is now available in FoggDB.
An updated version of "S and Z genotyping and mapping in ryegrass" has been released, including more information about progeny alleles and S locus distortion on linkage group 3 of Lolium perenne.

Cornell server - 18th April 2002

Please note that the ARS Genome Database Resource (GDR) server formerly at and is now permanently off-line. We are continuing to mirror databases previously associated with this site.

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John Innes Centre.

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